Sometimes Overload yourself nenuzh ny sense of guilt, unrealistic expectations apropos the achievements or behavior of your child also risk to spend forces for what actually is not present and cannot be, Needs of the child and your requirements but not that really exists and it is really valuable: time vivayushchiyesya relations of two unique people.

Sometimes you will incorrectly interpret behavior of the child or not to understand why he cannot calm down.

It not a zna chit that you have the wrong kid or that you nepravil Nye mother; simply life sometimes happens unpredictable and not operated even for parents.

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It is a rainbow

It is a rainbow Painted gate!

To bend the left hand an arch.

It is a rainbow gate, All on it to take place hunting!

Index and average fingers of the right hand walk, as legs, on a curved arch to the left hand.

PETS TSYPATSYPA Tsypatsypa, Both hands to pour a forage, massing a thumb of a small pillow of the others fingers from a little finger to the index.

Hull, Hull, Hull!

I will strew, You peck!

To peck the imagined forage forefingers of both hands.


At the same time to knock on a table.

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Rough experience

Rough experience If we feel suppression of negative emotions, and we have protection of the person who was more strongly emotionally, spiritually, we can worry at his presence of manifestation of feeling of an uyazvlyonnost, sense of guilt and tendency to feel sorry for ourselves, then in communication with it we are capable to realize the desires.

Rough experience of emotions in itself helps to realize need for love of parents, need for their understanding, support, the management.

This good means that the child became such as we dream that he became obedient.

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Pitch flew

Pitch flew When Zhuzhik brought a woodpecker, it not to a sheva any more flew.

Keep, now we will help you!

Woodpecker the big and sharp beak of joint stock company kuratno knocked on a cocoon.

Pitch flew away, and It is given, once again a podna tuzhivshis, safely got out on freedom.

But from a cocoon appeared already not the caterpillar Is given, and real Royal butterfly.

It straightened wings, and their magic pattern began to sparkle in light which proceeded from Zhuzhik.

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Child to a dolzha! to tell

Child to a dolzha! to tell Explain to the child that when in the word only one syllable, on schemes under a cardboard strip it is necessary to put only one, designating slot rectangle.

It has to be with a red hyphen, as an isosconce zhat a shock syllable.

You say one, two and trisyllabic words.

Child to a dolzha!

to tell you, how many syllables in the word.

The child has to think out one, two and trisyllabic words.

The child has to spread schemes of words and offers about one compound words.

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That part

That part Make the right boot of the clown Lera brown, and lea the vy yellow.

That part of overalls which is over brown boot, paint in red color, and that, which is over a yellow boot in green.

A sleeve under sia ball has to be it orange color, and right rua kav green.

On the right part of overalls draw kvada mouths, and on the left triangles.

Artist sheet Description For this game you need to cut out pictures, kotoa ry then it is possible to paste, and it is possible simply every time pria to kladyvat.

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Postnatal Most of women also should cope with a sou shchestvenny changes in life besides the birth reben to stop work, let and temporarily; to get used with new, unfamiliar role; to adapt to cut down semeyno mu to the budget; to leave a habitual network of social communications.

Postnatal melancholy From postnatal melancholy more than a half of all mothers suffer The West in the first seven ten days after the child's birth.

The most widespread syndrome tearfulness, usually between the second and seventh days.

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